Keynote speakers

Dr Lid King
National Director for Languages, DfES

This session will look at the emerging implications for higher education of the implementation of the National Languages Strategy and will be followed up with a panel debate involving key figures from the field of higher education.

Dr Liz Beaty
Director, Teaching and Learning, HEFCE

This session will outline the background for learning and teaching policy in the higher education White Paper and HEFCE's strategic plan, highlighting some of the challenges presented by these initiatives.

Professor Richard Hudson
Professor of Linguistics, University College London

This session will review arguments that linguistics can and should bridge the gulf between first language literacy and language learning discussing the possibilities presented by the National Literacy Strategy and the National Languages Strategy, arguing that a good understanding of how language works is likely to be helpful to both first- and second-language learning.

Carol Taylor Torsello
AICLU (Italian Association of University Language Centres)

This session will look at the three important areas in which reference to the Common European Framework has impacted very strongly on university language learning and teaching in Italy: testing, the use of the European Language Portfolio and in blended learning.