700 Reasons: Reason #427

Reason: 427
The multidisciplinary and language-specific nature of programmes in languages and related studies encourages the development of a wide range of key transferable skills including, predominantly cognitive skills: ability to use language creatively and precisely for a range of purposes and audiences; ability to engage with and interpret layers of meaning within texts and other cultural products; ability to contextualise from a variety of perspectives; capacity for critical reflection and judgment in the light of evidence and argument; ability to extract and synthesise key information from written and spoken sources; ability to organise and present ideas within the framework of a structured and reasoned argument; ability to engage in analytical and evaluative thinking
Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (2002) Languages and Related Studies: Subject Benchmark Statements (Gloucester: QAA)
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Academic skills, Creativity, Critical thinking, HE (Higher Education sector), Key skills, Language learning skills, Related subjects